What Is LeBitGo?

It’s not just another hand toolset. LeBitGo, created using high-quality material, is a well-designed, detailed hand toolset that was made using challenging manufacturing processes in order to produce a handy, fun, transformative, creative and inspiring experience for its users.


Building off of the core concepts used in ideas of multifunctionality, building blocks, DIY experiences, various magnetic properties, and in being both user-friendly and practical, these concepts become the ingredients used to make LeBitGo. We can even go as far as to say that we can, perhaps, let various bits go and “freestyle”.

LeBitGo basic units 

LeBitGo is composed of three basic units. Even though each of these units are simple in design, they are the results of the most sophisticated manufacturing processes to exist, and are made of the blood and sweat of the craftsmen and the non-compromising attitude and intricate ideas of the designers The hex body can’t be made using the most common manufacturing processes due to the highly precise and detailed requirements units of LeBitGo require.

Cap: The black end piece is made of Chromium-Vanadium alloy steel. This alloy steel is harder than the material a generic hammer head piece has. The hex body contains 3 different choices of material, Nylon ++, 316 Stainless Steel, and 64 Titanium.
Two-headed piece: This unit is one piece CNC machined Chromium-Vanadium alloy steel with two different bit sizes. Due to its high precision, these two-headed pieces can be used to play as spinning tops.

LeBitGo specification

Hex unit: The bits are made using S2 alloy steel and CNC processed. In general, most of the hand tools bits are only NC processed. The S2 is stronger than Chromium-Vanadium alloy steel and is stronger than most hand tool bits on the market. Different combinations of bits are offered with different models. Ball springs and magnets are added to increase fitness and functions. There are 3 choices of material used for the hex units, Nylon ++, 316 Stainless Steel, and 64 Titanium.

Other than consisting of S2 CNC bits, special materials are used to make the hex body even though LeBtiGo is not a heavy-duty tool. We only want to make sure that the owners of LeBitGo tool sets can be proud and confident in the quality of their LeBitGo sets. These special materials used to enhance the quality and functionality of these hex boy units are:

Dog, the Shadow (Nylon++) …
Nylon++: is lighter than aluminum and close to the strength of the aluminum alloy.

Robot, the Jason (316 Stainless Steel) …
316 Stainless Steel: gives the needed hardness and robustness to the pieces and is ruse free. This was quite the challenge for us to overcome. It ended up taking us three years to overcome all the processing issues that came with dealing with this material.

Centaur, the Chiron (64 Titanium) …
64 Titanium: contains the following properties- being high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, acid resistant, base resistant, and has high strength and low density. This material is used for aerospace and rockets. If you are a fan of Titanium and other materials, this is the right piece for you.

A hand tool set for everyone …
It is kind of hard to tell people what LeBitGo is. LeBitGo is a non-traditional hand tool set, and is used in a traditional sense only 1% of the time. LeBitGo is used for fun, play, and more fun the other 99% of the time!  The introduction will be sorted into two steps. Let’s start with the traditional mindset- the typical idea you have when you think of a hand tool set.

Traditionally … (~1% of time)

LeBitGo is a compact light duty hand tool set that changes the paradigm of conventional body-bit-coupled hand tools. Each stylish LeBitGo 316 Stainless Steel unit is PVD coated and the body is rust free just like the Titanium unit.  Additionally, the special Nylon++ unit has similar torque strength as Aluminum Alloy.

Single unit, L shape, Z shape …
Each LeBitGo unit can act as a be a standalone piece and as a rust-free body tool set. But by combining more pieces, you can also shape and configure your tool set to be any form you like.

paired with other tools
LeBitGo can be paired with other tools. All you need to do is to pick the combination of tools depending on what your project requires.

Easy to be carried around …
LeBitGo was designed to resolve some of the most common problems most hand tool sets experience, like being too bulky to carry around, easily losing the parts or bits for various all-in-one tool sets, being hard to find the correct bit size and type for tools, and trying to find tools that are compatible with other tools.

LeBitGo manages to solve what other tools can’t. For example, LeBitGo solves the problems most have with traditional hand tool sets, like having trouble configuring the tool to fit available space, having no more use for the tool once you’ve used it, problems with rust, and tools usually being single-functioned (not being decorative or fun, etc.).

Easy enough, right?
LeBitGo was not designed to replace heavy-duty tools. LeBitGo was designed to reach out to those who need to complete simple assembly projects. During the process of solving these issues, other elements were added to enhance its functionality.

Hammer plate is used on the cover unit to give additional function. It could be used for a very light-duty job.

Magnetic pieces are used to enhance connectivity and fun.
The hexagonal shape is used throughout the design to display a unified look and to give the tool unit the most strength and torque possible. The hexagonal and triangular holes are used to ensure solid connections.

Identify bit style, bit size and polar through the windows …
By glimpsing of the laser marking through the hex window, the right bit and the right polarity is located easily.
Different bit sets for different jobs.

Each unit connects firmly together with only a click.

The magnets keep all units and most metal small parts together while you are working on DIY projects.

Mom’s new hand tool set …
 Losing bits and pieces can disrupt your focus and concentration, causing you to lose track of what you are doing and usually ends in lots of stress and frustration. However, if you end up with a ferromagnetic metal board area, it can hold both whatever you need (memos, shopping lists, etc.) and keep the LeBitGo units on it for storage.

Switch between hand tool and art figure like a Pro …

Non-traditionally … (the other 99% of the time)

Spinning Wheel …
Sometimes, it can be fun to play with magnets while taking a break and can act as a refreshing change from the norm. LeBitGo can even be used to make the spinning wheel shown above. But, just make sure to keep an eye out for the right magnetic orientation associated with each unit. How many N polar and S polar units do you think you need to make the spinning wheel above? You can figure it out when you get your very own LeBitGo! With everything in place, a simple click when you connect units together add satisfaction to every action.

What would be your next creation?
With each clicking sound snapping units into place, LeBitGo takes the user on a fantastical journey – from transforming into a hunting dog, a captain transformer, a LED scientific project, fun with magnets, a multi-function toolset, to whatever else the user can come up with.

LeBitGo is the every day, handy-dandy tool for your creativity and your work. Even if one unit breaks, LeBitGo can still be used for a project or decoration both as a whole and as a single unit.

LeBitGo was designed to be used as a toy for all types of people and ages (age 12+) and an inspirational piece that can also work as a decorative piece in daily life. It is the best transforming and decorative item for your desk.

Creat your own figure and have fun …
Most hand tools are used less than 1% of the time and usually end up in a corner somewhere gathering dust, and when people can’t find the tools they need, they usually go out and buy another. LeBitGo has been designed to work as a tool 1% of the time, 60% as a interactive decoration, and 39% as a tool customized for comfort and fun so you’ll never need to worry about needing tools for a project or being bored ever again.

A pen holder …
LeBitGo can be used as a paper weight or art piece on your desk, and can increase the usage of a hand tool set to 100% of the time. It is more of a fun gadget and toy than it is a single-function hand tool.

A business card holder …
By using the connections and magnetic properties, you can design your own model piece.  You can leave your LeBitGo masterpiece on your desk and change it up from time to time. With LeBitGo, the sky is the limit.

Inspire creativity …
LeBitGo changes the image of hand tools from boring and heavy duty to inspirational and fun. The image of the modern hand tool is rewritten as a fun, aesthetic, and useful tool and can have a therapeutic effect when the units produce a satisfying clicking feel and sound when brought together.

LeBitGo brings back a childlike curiosity that most of us lose as we grow up. By configuring pieces into different shapes and turning them into puzzles and art pieces, adults can show their children how to enjoy working and be creative at the same time. Even if a unit of LeBitGo breaks, there is no need to worry, because it even can be replaced.

LeBitGo Sets and Rewards 

LeBitGo contains a full set of LeBitGo units. LeBitGo sets can vary depending on which set you choose. Each set has it’s own different combination of single bit units, cover units and two-sided-bit units.  Rewards will be shipped as a full assembled unit or leave a little steps for you to complete the configuration.  Here are the rewards and options.

LeBitGo vs other Hand Tools


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